About Orchid Classics

Peter Breed

Peter Breed

Peter was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the flower bulb field. His family has been in the flower bulb business for four generations and currently have the largest bulb collection in the world. His father was just recently knighted by their Queen for his work in saving certain species from extinction.

Peter attended the Horticulture school in Rijnsburg and graduated in 1984. Peter also graduated with a four year horticulture degree from Tuinbouwschool Lisse. Then he moved to Raleigh, NC to join the horticulture faculty at NC State University to conduct a research project on the use of flower bulbs.

Peter was employed by George and Linda Kaufman in 1989 to run their gardens and greenhouse and is still employed there.

He is a Norfolk Master Gardener. Peter also takes pleasure in flower arranging which have been seen at the Chrysler Museum, Norfolk Yacht Club, Botanical Gardens, and the Washington National Gallery of arts

Over time Peter became more interested in orchids and joined Dr. David McDaniel to build Orchid Classics. Orchid Classics is a company that grows, hybridizes, wholesales and does Orchid installation displays with its own laboratory!

He lives in Norfolk, is married and has two sons.

Joe Elder

Joe Elder

Joe Elder was born in Cairo W Va. He has spent over 36 years in public safely. As a paramedic for 12 years at St Josephs hospital in Parkers burg W Va . In 1988 he joined the city of Norfolk Fire Department where he was assigned to Rescue Company One, which was responsible for fire suppression and technical response including hazardous materials. He also served as an instructor with the state of Virginia Office of Emergency Management. He was also trained in terrorism response. He has enjoyed working with Orchids for the last 10 years, and is a founding member of Orchid Classics.

Dr. McDaniel

Dr. David McDaniel

Dr. David McDaniel's love for orchids began in the 1980s as a medical student in West Virginia. Dr. McDaniel's older brother played a role in him gaining interest in orchids at an early point in his career. Dr. McDaniel's brother is a retired university researcher with a PhD in plant genetics and taught Dr. McDaniel how to perform tissue culture for orchids. From that point on the rest of Dr. McDaniel's love for orchids only grew.

He began to pursue his interest in orchids by propagating orchids to fund his interests. Dr. McDaniel started to produce his first flasks and selling them to a supplier in Miami, Florida. He then began experimenting to see what he could achieve with intergenic crosses which is one of his passions.

When time allows him for travel, Dr. McDaniel teaches around the world. You will also find Dr. McDaniel working in his lab which currently houses over 2,000 orchid vessels. He also has a special interest in the conversion of rare species to tetraploid, which is another long-running project in the laboratory.

Dr. McDaniel's passion for orchids are not the only thing that fills up his already busy schedule. Dr. McDaniel is the director of a laser and cosmetic dermatology practice and a cosmetic dermatology fellowship. He has a teaching appointment at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and is co-director of the Hampton University Skin of Color Research Institute. Dr. McDaniel's medical office includes a molecular biology laboratory where they conduct plant stem cell research for cosmetics and anti-aging, as well as participating in clinical trials for cosmetic and for FDA pharmaceutical clinical trials.